To remember or to keep safe

Some say you can only drown if you’ve never learned to swim

But maybe I just can’t swim all by myself

Or maybe the water was just too deep

Maybe my feet couldn’t reach the sand

Maybe my efforts didn’t make it out of the sea


Some say that dragons can’t be burned

Their thick skin and scales are enough to keep them safe

But my skin is thin

And this fire comes from within

And have you ever heard of a harness that protects itself?


Some say that spiders know their web so well

They could never be confused by its anatomy

But I am no spider

And sometimes I don’t even recognize my own house

My face is a stranger

And my mind is an abandoned place


Why am I drowning in the oceans that lay in my own eyes?

Why do I get burned by the fire that hides inside myself?

Why am I stuck in a web that no other than I created?

And why am I tangled in my own mind?


Maybe I am just too much

To remember

Or to keep safe


Or maybe I still have a lot

To learn

In this life


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