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Aphrodite does not say goodnight is my first published poetry chapbook. I wrote it in the summer of 2017 because at that time I was angry about how little poems I could find about girls loving girls. So I decided to write my own.

It is published in two ways: a regular version, and a super deluxe special version.

Firstly, I wrote the eleven poems of the regular version. In less than three nights I had more than a handful of poems I wrote purely out of longing, I decided I wished to show them to the world, but not in the same way I showed the rest of my poems (which is on my blog and my instagram account). Instead I decided to collect them and publish them as a chapbook, because I felt as if they were supposed to be read together.

You can download this version (as a pdf document) here for free.

Afterwards I wrote seven poems more, and I created a deluxe version, which really is only longer than the regular one.

This one however costs a tiny bit of money, just so I can keep writing and brighten the world with more poetry in the future.

You can buy it for $0.99 on gumroad, or you can choose to support me on patreon and get the deluxe version there.

I hope you enjoy reading my poetry, leave your reviews and questions below (I’d love to hear and answer them), and I hope to see you here again sometime.